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Friday 19 October 2018

Unexpected Sights We'll Be Thinking About Tonight

Unexpected Sights We'll Be Thinking About Tonight

We've all encountered our share of weird things, but it takes a special kind of madness to make us puzzle about the nonsense we've seen hours after its happened. Like, it has to make just enough sense that we can't help but try to figure out the twisted logic, but not enough sense that we actually succeed.
But that's not the point. The point is that stuff like the things on this list made such an impression that they actually became kind of legendary. 

1. Well, they got the first letter right, but everything after that is a big 'ol swing and a miss.

I can see how they got confused, though. It's not like Asia is obviously the largest continent in the world or anything.
Oh, wait...

2. Uh...wow, I'm thinking pretty hard, but I don't think I can come up with a worse place to put this sign.

Like, did somebody think there was a comma in that "no smoking" warning or what?
"Is it flammable? No, smoking. OK, works for me."

3. Sometimes, I wish I could be a bird. But not when this thing is in the air.

Actually, I'm probably being a little too optimistic with that "when." But either way, I'm betting that he wasn't as ready as he thought.

4. I don't know, I think I'd still rather have this burst through my door than some guy yelling, "Here's Johnny!"

The doggo better get extra snuggly when the bill for fixing this mishap shows up, though. My good side will be pretty hard to stay on.

5. I imagine a giraffe would cost a pretty penny to feed and especially to house, so I guess they have a point.

Plus, Tony Montana got a tiger and look how his empire turned out. It's the ones with giraffes who you can really depend on. 

6. Apparently, this strange creature is called a beetle horse and I'm surprised the photographer was able to learn that much.

In my experience, when you ask somebody what something like this is supposed to be, they just laugh maniacally and speed away.

7. Although I suppose it's worse when nobody's around to even give cryptic hints about the monstrosity. Lucky us.

I'll lose my mind if I stare at this thing for too long, so I'm just focused on that hat. Who does it belong to?
What's the hat's story?

8. Haha, the airline was obviously getting tired of people trying to open the emergency door after seeing this.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. If you look to your right, you'll see a reason to stop asking about that boo-boo on the wing." 

9. OK, so I'm seeing a few problems with this little theory.

First off, it's pretty impressive how governments were able to spy on people with birds before either drone technology or those governments existed.
Also, why does the government want my fries so badly?

10. There may not be any secret bird conspiracy, but there's definitely something fishy about this urinal.

Was whoever installed it so proud of their work that they believed it would only be debased by other people's pee? Do they sneak in at night to admire it?
So many questions...

11. If that door locks from the inside, then I'm seriously stumped as to what its purpose is. 

Like, I can understand if you close the shutters and then lock up before whistling along on your way. But if that's not how it works...does it do anything?

12. Gah! If I saw something like this the first time I went trick-or-treating, you'd never catch me outside on Halloween again.

No amount of candy is worth having something like this invade your nightmares. And we're talking about kid nightmares, too.
That means double the imagination.

13. Well, I guess this is a nice change of pace. If something has to defy logic, I'd rather it be majestic than horrifying.

I mean, wouldn't you watch a movie about two kids and their friendly flying whale if Disney decided that's what they're doing tomorrow?

14. I guess the work dress code only mentioned the clothes. They didn't say anything about what goes on under them.

I'm not seeing any tattoos or body piercings, so it's not even like places with rules against those can say anything.
It's Air Bud all over again.

15. Yes, I understand that this person's upset, but the doggo is only trying to do its job.

I mean, this guy's not the one who set the policies and came up with all these forms. Does that really sound like something a good boy would do?

16. Uh, wow, that kid is definitely...creative with their dolls.

Their parents can tell them not to be so rough if they want. Personally, I'm about ready to let this kid set their own bedtime.
If the teachers have any problems, all they're getting is, "Haha, good luck."

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