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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Will Smith Wanted To Date Jada, But Married Someone Else Instead

Will Smith Wanted To Date Jada, But Married Someone Else Instead

There's so much to love for the Smith family, I don't even know where to begin.
Will and Jada are clearly one of the very few success stories in Hollywood when it comes to their long-lasting relationship. 
Interestingly enough, their romance didn't start out the way you might have thought, and listening to Will tell this roller coaster of a tale is pretty hilarious. 

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are an iconic Hollywood couple.

They've spent the last 20+ years shutting down divorce rumors left and right, while still maintaining a solid level of privacy within their family — not an easy feat in Hollywood.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Jada hosts Red Table Talk, along with her mother, Adrienne, and her daughter, Willow.

To celebrate the start of the show's second season, they had Will appear as a guest on the show.

It wasn't long before the conversation shifted into Will and Jada's relationship, and that's when Will spilled the real tea on how the two ended up dating.

And honestly, it's a wild ride, so strap in.

So we all know that Will starred on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back in the day.

And during its first season, Jada showed up to audition for the show, and this is how she met Will for the first time.

Jada didn't get the part (because she was too short), but she had a spot on the show A Different World.

Now this is where things start to get interesting.

Will explained that he always knows when he's going to have a good relationship with somebody, and after meeting Jada, he felt that connection with her.

Thankfully, his friend and co-star, Alfonso Ribeiro, knew a lot of the cast from A Different World and agreed to take Will to the show's set to meet Jada.

This was supposed to be the start of a beautiful long relationship, but Will went and messed it all up.

He explained that he caught the eye of a different girl on set and started asking about her instead.

That woman? Sheree Zampino.

That's right. Will went to go properly introduce himself to Jada, but instead ran into Sheree, and ended up MARRYING her in 1992.
 During that time, they welcomed their son, Willard Carroll "Trey" Smith III.

Will went on to explain that he knew Sheree wasn't the person he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with, but would never get divorced.

"I was sitting in a stall in the restaurant, and I was crying uncontrollably, and then laughing. Like, what the heck is wrong with me? I was crying and laughing and it's like, I knew that was the woman I was supposed to be with, but I was never getting divorced," he explained.

Sheree obviously felt a little differently on the matter, and she ended up filing for divorce on Valentine's Day.

At first, Will wasn't going to let it happen, but Sheree told him that she doesn't love him anymore, and that was that.

During the interview, both Jada and Will laughed about it, while Willow was clearly totally shook by this story.

Literally, her facial reactions were the best part about this whole thing. 

Anyway, it was the night that Sheree filed for divorce that Will ended up calling Jada, who had just moved away from Hollywood to start living on a farm, of all places.


Their conversation went as follows: 

"I said, 'Hey Jada, what's up, it's Will.' She said, 'Hey, how you doing?' I said, 'Good. Are you seeing anybody?' And she said, 'Uhhh, no?' I said, 'Cool, you're seeing me now.'"

Jada ended up flying back to be with Will and never spent another night on the farm that she had literally just bought for herself.

Which is kind of bizarre, but hey, when you're dating Will Smith, I can't blame you.

And that's the wild story of how Will and Jada eventually wound up together.

Maybe that's the key to long-lasting relationships in Hollywood?

Who knows?

But it just goes to show that everything happens for a reason, and we're glad that things worked out for these two lovebirds. 

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