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Saturday, 10 November 2018

16 Tweets For Moms Who Couldn't Care Less About Pinterest

16 Tweets For Moms Who Couldn't Care Less About Pinterest

There are moms who make costumes for their kids, 'style' their nurseries, and actually bake for the school sale. These iron-willed women are the Pinterest Moms, moms with a single focus — to create, photograph, and pin their amazingly wholesome and creative lives.
Then there's every other mother.

There is a certain group of moms who go, ahem, above and beyond the call of duty.

They are called Pinterest Moms and they always put in enough super parenting effort to really tick the rest off.

Of course, the Pinterest Mom excels in many areas of parenting.

You know that hand print kit that ended up staining the table and nearly poisoning the kids? They turn them into keepsakes.

The lunch boxes they pack are nutritionally balanced and fun and interesting so kids actually enjoy eating.

White bread and prepackaged snacks are a definite no-no. Just forget about anything delicious, ever, actually.

Of course, then there's the rest of us moms.

The ones who look at the Pinterest Moms and head straight for the wine...whatever wine is available, too (not that fancy-nancy stuff).

These moms are highly skeptical.

They reckon the pictures posted by these Pinterest Moms may not actually portray their real lives. Nobody has a perfect, aesthetically delightful life all the time.

In fact, they think not being a Pinterest Mom is something to be celebrated...and I'm so onboard with this.

So what if it's a store-bought cake? Your kid will still love it

There is totally nothing wrong with throwing some cash at a problem.

Like when your child needs a Halloween costume and you need a night of not having to make one.

There is something really annoying about the Pinterest Moms' super cheeriness.

Sugar coating life tends to make those around you feel more ill than eating all your Halloween candy in one sitting.

When really, sometimes just getting through the day is a massive achievement...

...along with getting to have a shower, as anyone with babies or toddlers will tell you.
You can't make your soap and use it too — that's just not fair!

And besides, who has time to up-cycle or DIY or craft or whatever anyway?

Pallets are already great at something: being pallets. They don't need to be converted to planters or bookshelves, okay?

And of course there is the argument that great parenting is about spending time creating memories with your children...

...NOT creating fluffy toilet roll holders (not matter how cute they may be).

And what's the point in leading a perfect, wholesome life if you have to eat oats that soaked overnight? 

I mean, let's just face it, you really want bacon and hash browns, right? DO IT.

But like it or not, we have to share social media with the Pinterest Moms.

The key to successful co-existance is to not let them get under your skin — or into your comments.

And whatever you do, never, ever, ever fall into the trap of comparing your life to theirs. It doesn't do anyone any good. 

You love your life and you know your kids love you.

And really, who wants to be a Pinterest Mom? (Okay, fine...maybe some of us low-key wish... No. Not going there...)

Nothing good ever comes from being that good at baking, costume making, house cleaning...

And if you do start to buy into the who Pinterest Mom phenomenon something truly terrifying might happen.

You could become one of them yourself. If you ever do cross over to the other side, please send some of those perfect snacks this way.

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