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Sunday, 25 November 2018

26/11 attack: 'Even after 10 years of Mumbai attack, Baby Moses seems to be scared of darkness'

 26/11 attack: 'Even after 10 years of Mumbai attack, Baby Moses seems to be scared of darkness'

During the terrorist attack in Mumbai in November 2008, two years old child, Naini Sandra Samul, who lives the life of Moses Holtsburg, has said that even after 10 years, 'marks' of bullets have not been erased by the Chabad House. 54-year-old Samuel was surprised that the stain of terror attack is still present in the five-storey Jewish center in Colaba. The name of this building has now been kept in the Nariman Lighthouse. 

Significantly, during the Mumbai attack, two Pakistani terrorists had entered the building and killed nine people including Moses's father Rabbi Gavriyal and his mother Rivka. However, Samuels was saved by Moses. 

With Samuel, Moses, her grandparents and the Israeli Prime Minister, came to Mumbai in January this year. But when Samuel returned to the city again in May, he found that things inside the building are very scary. He said, 'He has kept the fourth and fifth floor as before, and on the third floor he has broken everything and has transformed it into a large open space. There are pillars of pillars and everything on the tablets. This is very frightening for me. It jerked me. '

said this man Samul said, 'Why are piles marks kept for people to see? I can not understand this argument. ' He said this while giving examples of the terrorist attack on Taj Mahal Hotel, Trident Hotel, Leopold Café and CSTM Station. They asked, 'Have they kept the marks ...' 

Samuel said that Moses is afraid of darkness. At night, he sleeps by lighting the lamp. He can not sleep even in a dim light

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