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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Before and After Photos That Reveal What Happens When You Stop Drinking

Before and After Photos That Reveal What Happens When You Stop Drinking

Being able to turn your life around is something you should be proud to accomplish. Thanks to the internet, many people now share their journeys and possibly inspire others to do their best.
A healthier, cleaner life can transform your existence and make life worth its full price. These folks are perfect examples.

Sobriety Matters

This post from Imgur user mrquint shows just how much alcohol can do to a healthy body:

a little over a year ago. i'd had most of a box of wine earlier in the day and then drank around 12oz of whiskey on stage (stand up comedy) in front of a crowd...currently, almost a year sober. important to remember where you came from.

A Year Without Drinking

This post from a former Reddit user gives another view of what drinking can do to a person. There is likely a little more at play, but the change is clear

It's A Process

 It takes work and Reddit user SlipperyFister is a prime example:

M/55/6'3" 300lbs > 195lbs = 105lbs (15 months) First I quit drinking. Three months later I changed my diet (cut carbs and portion control). Finally, about 12 months of working out. I haven't felt this good in decades, maybe ever.

Giving It Up For Them

Children can do a lot to change the way you see the world:

I gave up alcohol when my daughter turned 1 (left). I'm 5 years sober today.

"Depressed Vs. Happy"

Dropping the same post with a different outlook is a great way to show just how much you'd changed. Dropping the weight and depression in just a year is good work:

July 2017 vs January 2018. 120lbs vs 160lbs. Depressed vs happy. Getting sober is the best thing I've done.

A Different Type Of Drink

Reddit user Gloomy_Shroomy posted this photo after a month of sobriety, giving up the Budweiser for the LaCroix:

F/23/5'2'' 165lbs > 139lbs = 26 lbs One month sober from alcohol and drugs

A Tough Year

It might be difficult at times, but it is worth it:

F/39/5’3” 170+lbs > 130lbs what a difference 10 months can make. One of the hardest years of my life. Quit drinking, started working out, got divorced, moved 1000 miles by myself, and started a new business. Happier and healthier than I’ve been in a long time.


This is an amazing change in just over two years. That's dedication:

2.5 years of sobriety and powerlifting.

A Trio Of Changes

Sobriety, Diet, and exercise. Hard to deny the effect:

M/35/6'0" 360lbs > 190lbs = 170lbs (18 months) Sobriety, diet, and exercise have paid off.

Just One Year!

It also doesn't matter what age you are. You can make the change and feel better:
M/48/5’7” 180 lbs > 145 lbs = 35 lb loss Quit drinking one year ago this weekend. 


Proof that if you can focus and maintain yourself for a year, you can turn your health around:

What a year of sobriety and 60 pounds lost looks like.


Before and after 307 days sober
While we can appreciate the cute bunny in the before photo, the after seems so much more pleasant.


Another change they don't always say: happiness is clear too.

The Progression of Sobriety. 24 hours/1 Year. One day at a time.


My recovery progress makes me smile. 4+ years of sobriety transformation.
It is not wrong to ask for help.

Support Network

Not all changes are overnight and they don't have to be. Dedication and support can go a long way.

M/35/6'0" 325>215=110lbs 10 years. Sobriety. Good support network. And a firm dedication to being the superhero my dog thinks I am.

Not Bloated

 One year of no alcohol has changed my life. I lost 53 pounds and I'm 1000 times happier. I tried to recreate my bloated pic.
Night and day transformation.

"11 Months Sober And Life Has Never Been Better."

This is just a great story. Check off the days:

The other day it marked been sober for 11 months and I didn't realise until the next day. Since I stopped drinking last April, I had been marking each day off to remind myself that I’m getting better and stronger. The last couple of weeks I haven’t been marking the days, not because I fell “off the wagon” but because I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about being sober. It’s freeing knowing that alcohol no longer controls my life. Since giving up alcohol life has gotten so much better, not that it wasn't great before but normally I was too drunk at night to realize. We bought a house that we have fallen in love with, work has become so much easier and I'm producing higher quality work. Something I would never have had the time to do due to drinking is to create my passion project - a cooking show! Which I’m really proud of and it’s now starting to find its legs.

Happy, Happy

Setting a goal and making that goal is something we all need in our lives. If addiction runs your life, you definitely want to celebrate getting rid of that:

After a decade under the influence and not taking care of myself, I am 3 weeks away from 1 year of sobriety. 50lbs lighter and a new job doing what I am passionate about. Life is much better and I definitely enjoy it now.

One Year Sober

Pills, alcohol, and other drugs can wreck a life. But just don't think it is forever.
If these people can change, you can too.

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