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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Diwali Rangoli 2018: You can make the latest Rangoli design in your home.

Diwali Rangoli 2018: You can make the latest Rangoli design in your home.

On the occasion of Diwali, everyone is busy decorating their homes. If someone is making new paintings on the walls, then making a new painting. On this occasion, to decorate the house traditionally, Rangoli can be a better option. The main purpose of Rangoli is to decorate the house and it is also recognized that it brings good fortune to the house. Maroliya, festival or any other auspicious time women make Rangoli essentials in homes. In states like Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat, Rangoli is decorated on every occasion or even on a special occasion. Even in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the tradition of door to worship has been from ancient times. Uttar Pradesh In many areas, flour is also called Rangoli in the chowk. It is often made by a priest or priest at Satyanarayan Katha and at any time of worship. The square is made from flour, turmeric, gram flour, rice, sesame and flowers.

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