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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Pics That Haters Will Say Are Photoshopped

Pics That Haters Will Say Are Photoshopped

These days, it's definitely good to dream big. But why save up for that fancy car or work out for a dream body when we live in the age of technology?
With Photoshop, you can make your dreams a reality immediately! As you'll see, it's almost impossible to tell that these photographs have been doctored...well, maybe if you look reallyclose ;)

1. Just showin' off the latest in my collection... 

2. Worked hard to land this sweet vacation spot

3. Of course, all these ladies saw the sweet car parked on the tracks...for some reason...and just came runnin'!

4. But of course, it's all about finding your soulmate...

5. No, really! Increases by 700%, that's science! 

6. Nothin' but sweet tricks and cool stunts here

7. I wouldn't say Photoshop... MS Paint, maybe.

8. His he the next Bond villain? Possibly...if they run out of money for the franchise.

9. Another fantastic vacation with my legless wife...

10. Just hangin' with his best buds!

11. Gotta love the glamorous travel pics

12. Wow! This guy got Jennifer Lawrence to go to prom with him?!

13. Abs-olutely wonderful!

14. For real, I gotta hit the gym like these guys!

15. Man, I need to get some new shoes too!

16. The force is real! I knew it! 

17. Dedication = swole!

18. Catch the wave

19. Extreme vacationing! 

20. Keepin' it real

21. The sickest tats bro

22. Amazing discoveries!

23. Cue "Fortunate Son" by CCR...

24. And this last one would would seem totally legit, if only it weren't for that one little part...

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