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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Victory 2 Review: Sharan, Asmita Sood, P. Ravi Shankar

Victory 2 Review: Sharan, Asmita Sood, P. Ravi Shankar 

All Chandru (Sharan) wants in life is to lead a peaceful life with his loving wife. But things just don't fall in place. On the other hand, Munna (Sharan Again) and Maams (Ravishankar) want to make it big in life and decide to rob a house in disguise. The story takes a turn when Chandru saves Hussain (Naseer) but gets into trouble for doing so. Why is police chasing him? Who is Hussain? Does Munna Have anything to do with it?

Victory 2 Kannada Movie Review 

Mistaken identifies, disguises and family reunions make the essence of this film which sees Sharan and P Ravi Shankar take a roller coaster ride in this comedy of errors.

The Sharan and Tharun Sudhir combination has something exciting for fans always and testimony to that is their track record so far. These films are made for entertainment alone and the team is unapologetic about it, too. This film also delivers just as expected with a comedy drama that seems a tad too long, but entertaining nonetheless.

The story is, in many ways, an actual sequel to the first part, as there are small references to characters and happenings from Victory. This time, though, there are more twists and the plot is far bigger in many ways. The comedy of errors is a roller coaster ride in many ways and the film has Sharan offering his fans much more than what they expected, quite literally.

The story is akin to some of the older 70s and 80s commercial potboilers that had separation, family reunions and a climax that lasts really long. Sharan gets to show off his dancing, action and the much-loved comic timing in a script that is written to showcase his strengths. P Ravi Shankar is the perfect partner in crime for Sharan and he is a hoot. One wishes he does more comedy. The rather big ensemble cast do justice to their roles, which is to piece together what is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

Does Viictory 2 achieve what it sets out to do? It does, to a great extent. Fans get what they want in a film like this. It might have bits that might offend those looking for politically-correct cinema, which this is definitely not. Go ahead, buckle up and get on this roller coaster if you like masala entertainers just the way the Bollywood spindoctors ordered them

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