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Friday 21 December 2018

Is pubg banned in india? Here is the Complete Details

Is pubg banned in india? Here is the Complete Details 

Does PUBG really banned in India ? Outcome after banned the PUBG mobile in India ?

Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG)  becomes worlds number 1 mobile game all over the world. Lots of rumors have been heard that this game is going to be banned in India while in China there are already banned the game.

Youngsters are getting addicted too much and especially teenagers. The game is something that the people have started to be bothered. Personally, Whenever I go to make called with a few of my friends they often cut my phone. On asking them why, they say they are busy playing PUBG.

The rumors are really not the false because in India in many college or hostels PUBG is already banned. Mainly in some college of Jaipur and Tamilnadu. Because students are bunking their classes and plays game whole day even till late night.

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Why China banned PUBG ?

I already mentioned that China has already banned the PUBG and It is true. People in china are mostly educated, and they know the importance of time. Not only PUBG, the Fortnite also banned in china. By baning of such game china never feel that they can't enjoy the game or something else because China makes alternative of every products. May it be game or any other things. Even Google is also banned in China.  There are 2 reasons behind the ban of PUBG in china.

1. Blood and gore:
 If you play PUBG or Fortnite then u must know that after killing people there is some gas appears of red color and also while attacking with knife or any weapon. The China govt thinks that seeing such violating color bad impact may be occur in minds. China govt. are so dedicated, and they never wants by playing others country's game their citizens go harsh.

2. Youngsters can't not focus on their career.
The game is mainly played by the youngsters and teenagers. If they attach whole day with the game they can't focus on their career. Because the game is like that when u enter the game you cant moved away within 2-3 hours. Because the addiction level is so high of the game. That's why china banned the game.

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What will happen when PUBG banned in India?

No Pubg won't be banned in India until It's affecting India’s politics or religion that's what Indian people cared about most. And how people will react or what people will do after its ban So the last time I checked, no one in India opposed government and jio banning porn. So they will forget it soon.
 If PUBG ban in India the outcome will be like -

• Freefire (Alternative game of PUBG)will become more popular.

• Time spends on mobile phone will reduce drastically.

• Precious time will be saved.

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