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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi Review: Trailer's 6 Important Point

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi Review: Trailer's 6 Important Point

Kangana Ranaut's film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi's trailer has been released. In three minutes 19 seconds, the Queen of Jhansi has shown many aspects of Laxmibai's life.

The trailer of Kangana Ranaut's movie "Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi" is released. In three minutes 19 seconds, the Queen of Jhansi has shown many aspects of Laxmibai's life. Kangana is in a lead role and she has worked hard for this film, she has declared it as her love and dream project.

Like Kangana, Fans too had long been waiting for the trailer of this movie. After the trailer has been found, the mixed response is being received on social media. Let's know how the movie trailer is ...

Three traits of trailer and three drawbacks

1. Voice of Kangana:

Kangana Ranaut is a great actor, so the expectations are much more than that. Seeing the actress in the Avatar of Manikarnika, it seems that the character has a breath, but after listening to their dialogue, it does not seem that the character is wise. In Period Drama movies, there is always a big role of voice. Well, the idea is kept somewhere in the trailer, which is clearly revealed. Rani Laxmibai's character is a challenge for Kangna, because it is a character whose children have heard of the tales of sacrifice and bravery. In such a way, the drawbacks of Kangana's character are clearly visible in the three-minute trailer. 

2. Background music:

Background music is the most important role in the period drama film. This thing is clearly seen by the viewers of today seeing many films released in the past. The film of Kangana can not be compared to any other movie just by watching the trailer. But there is a lack of weak background music in front of the film's action scene.

3. Film dialogue:

"Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi" is a great trailer of the movie trailer. But these dialogues do not reach the heart of the audience due to the voice. Kangana's voice, where technically improvised, is good dialogue. But listening to the queen's voice, which announces the war, breaks the whole sequence's sequence.

Best Movie Points:

1. Action Seine:

The biggest part in the script written by Kangana is the action of action. Kangana has done her best to play it. According to the reports, Kangana has learned all the action scenes due to showcasing the action scene. They shot themselves in spite of being dangerous. The magnificent work of Kangana can be seen in the action scene.

2. Story of the film:

Seeing Manikarnika's trailer, all these stories come to life, since childhood we have been listening to the queen of Jhansi. How did a queen bet on her life to save her empire? But there are many aspects of the life of the queen of Jhansi, which even today the common man does not know deeply. Seeing the trailer, it can be estimated that the life of the queen of Jhansi has been shown to many untold aspects. Like their youth, how is the girl named Manikarnika, the queen of Jhansi, all these things are visible. The character of Laxmibai's life as a beloved lover, who is a mother, as well as a queen who saves her empire. Many such aspects have appeared in the trailer.

3. Degree of Kangana as Director

The film was also in dispute for a long time and the film's director Krish left the film in the middle. After this, Kangana Ranaut took control of the film's direction and now Kangana will get the status of being co-director of the film. As an actor Kangana has fostered his own image, now the turn is to see his direction. In every sense, this film has a lot of significance in Kangana Ranaut

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