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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Mari 2 review:Dhanush, Sai Pallavi

Mari 2 review:Dhanush, Sai Pallavi

There are many attempts to murder the famous Rowana Mari (Dhanush). All of them luck and live up to the royal dynasty and live as king. He also guides his Ganges (Krishna) together.

Arya Anandhi (Sai ​​Pallavi) loves around Marie. The villain Beja comes from jail to look at the martial, murderer, who does not kid (Tovino Thomas)

In the meanwhile, Anandhi's romantic rain moves to the next level as the molly and Kelly Bolt. The friendship between the Marie-art is falling in the game of the Bajaj Days coming out of jail.

Marie sends people to kill him with the art of enmity. Anand is trapped in this. What is Anandi then? What was the plan of Beja's idea of ​​killing Maria? Did he realize the reality of art?

This is a simple spice image for many questions.

Dhanush and Sai Pallavi's 'Maari 2' Movie Review

Balaji Mohan 2 made sure that he had requested fans as 'we want naughty don' despite having mixed reviews in the first part. He has conquered that promise.

Dhanush is carrying the whole picture on his shoulder. Nakalaku, satire, kalai, punch pattu batti. 6 Fox Sean Dhanush fans in Climax Every whim of Dhanush speaks whistle in the theater. Dhanush is like a personal account of such spice images for fans in the middle of the film.

Sai Pallavi is the beauty of beauty that appears to be seen again and again. Sai Babulli's fight with Dhanush in acting seems blatant. Is this our daughter tea? Sai Pallavi is the favorite baby song for the audience. In fact, Sai Pallai has eaten this bottle.

The villain Tovino Thomas imported the Malay Many places where he speaks Malayalam cuisine seems more. At one point, Dhanush himself said, "There is no scare even if you look at him.

Robot Shankar - Like the first part of the college Vinod, Kametika is standing with Marie. Although there is not much comedy track, they have acted in favor of the roll. Even though the time comes in Varalakshmi film, he has done a brilliant performance. Om Prakash's cinematography adds strength to the scene of the film.

Yuvan's songs are the songs of Oke. But the background music may have added more attention. In the first half, the thrill-motion screenplay makes the fans lose patience in the second half. Fans guess what's the next scene at one point.

The film would still be exciting if the screenplay was reduced to unnecessary scenes.

Why did the director forget to notice

In Mari 2, why did not you know the continuity of the first episode? Where is Mary in the Mari 2

Due to such logic violations, Dhanush fans have a top taker powder for others.

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