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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

16 Proofs That Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

16 Proofs That Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

Your gal pal gets you in a way that a man never will.
She's literally seen you through the worst and best times. She's sympathy cried with you all night long and unquestionably hates the same people you do.
The two of you are so in sync, sometimes you communicate telepathically because she knows all 500 of your facial expressions. Your boyfriend? Well, he can't even tell when your hungry. 

1. She will always deliver.

 Ask your boyfriend and he'll probably get you in even more trouble...your best friend? She'll always follow through. Heck, she probably already has an entire archive of photos on her phone for occasions like this.

2. She's always there to give you a lift.

She knows just the boost you need to make every photo Instagram-worthy. Send this to your boyfriend and he won't even know the difference; he'll just be amazed by how good they look today.

3. She always has your back, no questions asked.

Need her to tell a lie for you? Your best friend will do it without hesitation. She'll even continue to lie for you when she's caught because no lie is too elaborate.

4. She'll literally be by your side to the very end.

Men will come and go, but your best girl pal is in it for the long haul. You'll both be senile and wrinkly but your senses of humor will remain the same.

5. She'll help you plot revenge on all your exes.

Your boyfriend — or ex-boyfriend — is the whole reason you feel like not existing. The death threats your best gal pals sent him are the only reason you feel like living.

6. She'll be your personal cheerleader when you need it.

If there's any team your bestie is a part of, it's your team. She'll be an emotional warrior, friend, and waste case all in one package.

7. She'll laugh with you about the things boys find gross.

With you and her, there are no limits to your humor — only time well spent being #FriendshipGoals and getting creative with your bathroom selfies.

8. She literally knows every detail of your life

She knows that you sent him a text about ordering Chinese food at 3:45 pm on January 25, 2009 because she can recite your life story from start to finish.

9. She'll always be there for you an emergency.

Level 10 emergency? Say no more, fam. You'll be out of a bad date in seconds because this will your bestie is prepared to put on a whole cinematic production.

10. She's willing to go the extra mile for the perfect photo.

She can be a photographer and contortionist on demand. Just ask her for a photo. She's willing to get into any position to get that perfect angle.

11. She always sees the bigger picture.

 Friend problems are you fighting at 5:00 pm, hanging out at 5:05 pm and eating an entire large pizza together at 5:10 pm. What were you even fighting about anyways?

12. She's not afraid to tell you when you look bad.

She'll tell you when your legs are getting prickly. She'll even smell your breath and armpits to make sure you look and feel 100.

13. She understands the importance of good lighting.

Along with holding your boobs and crouching on the ground, she'll also make sure your photos are well lit. Even if it takes getting very inventive!

14. She knows that what's hers is also yours.

She'll literally share everything with you if the end goal is your happiness. Just watch, with your friend's help the lust of your life will fall in love with you in seconds.

15. She'll try things with you just so you can fail together.

If it means starving herself and then binge eating, she'll do it just so you don't feel like an absolute failure on your own.

16. She'll always come to your rescue.

She'll pretend to be your significant other and feel you up without it being weird. She'll even pretend to be your lover all night if it saves you from weird strangers.

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