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Saturday, 5 January 2019

'Activity Trackers, Smartwatch's Health Hazards of Health Data from AI'

'Activity Trackers, Smartwatch's Health Hazards of Health Data from AI'  

Use of Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in devices like activity trackers, smartphones and smartwachhes has threatened the privacy of people's health data. This information has been received from a study conducted by an Indian origin researcher, which stated that current law and regulation is not able to protect the confidential health information of the people.

Smartwatch's Health

The findings of this research, conducted by University of California-Berkeley engineer Anil Ashwini, show that using AI, it is possible that the statistics of a person's daily pattern should be identified by identifying the person who is the activity tracker Collected from smartwachs and smartphones, and these data can be matched with public data.

Ashwani said, "Researches of the research give attention to a serious problem, even if you keep all the data separate, one can easily match all these information by matching them."

He said, "In principle, you can imagine gathering data through the Facebook app on your smartphone, after which it can match both by purchasing health care data from another company."

He further said, "Now they will have health-care data and the person who has this data will be aware of it. Now either they will start selling ads based on this or they will sell this data to any third."

According to Ashwini, the problem is not in these devices. Rather than potentially misuse of the data generated from this device and selling it in the open market. To prevent this, strict laws and regulations will be implemented regarding data protection.

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