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Sunday, 20 January 2019

‘Avengers: Endgame’ leak so far confirms several beloved heroes will be resurrected

‘Avengers: Endgame’ leak so far confirms several beloved heroes will be resurrected

With just over three months left until the Avengers: Endgame premiere, we just got what might be the best Avengers 4 leak so far. Not only is a popular Endgame plot line teased in the following images, but they also seem to confirm the return of several beloved characters, including Marvel heroes who just died in Infinity War. And before you ask, no, the usual Marvel leakers aren’t responsible for this one.

Endgame cast members have so far managed not to reveal anything too spoilery about the movie, but toy makers haven’t been that careful. In what follows we’ll show you a bunch of images of seemingly official Avengers toys that are already available for purchase in some markets. This isn’t the first time we’ve shown you Avengers 4 toy leaks, including Lego minifigs based on scenes from the upcoming movie, as well as retail packages for other toy sets. But this is our best look yet at actual toys being sold early in some stores out there. The currency listed on these toys is VND, or the Vietnamese dong, so that’s where you’ll find them.

Twitter user Stephen N. Parker shared a bunch of images that show several Avengers in battle attire, including heroes that died in Infinity War. We have Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, and Black Panther. Yes, all of them fought Thanos in Infinity War, but these toys aren’t all based on the events in the previous movie.

That’s because as you can see above, Steve Rogers is wearing his official Captain America suit complete with shield, not the rogue Captain America outfit we saw in Infinity War. Also, his beard is shaved again on this new toy, just as the Endgame trailer revealed.

More importantly, it’s Thor’s suit that has us intrigued. As seen in previous leaks, the God of Thunder dropped his regular clothes in Endgame, in favor of an official Avengers outfit similar to what we saw in the last Ant-Man movie. It’s a suit that will let you travel to the Quantum Realm, where our heroes will venture in search of time vortexes — at least, that’s what several theories out there say.

Want to take a closer look at the suit? Well, here’s Hulk wearing it too:

Not only is Hulk back, baby, but he’s also all suited up for the Quantum Realm. Of course, we need Bruce Banner in there, but he may be going as Hulk — or a smarter version of the beast.

Black Widow is also ready for the Realm, according to another image from one of the boxes.

And so is Rocket Raccoon, according to the next image. Even better, Valkyrie also seems to be confirmed for the new Avengers movie. We do know Valkyrie survived the snap, and she may be in store for some heroics soon — who knows, maybe it’s Valkyrie who saves Tony Stark and Nebula. The next image also confirms that Star-Lord will be back in action despite having turned to dust after the snap.

The trailer already confirmed that Hawkeye is returning to Avengers as Ronin and these toys also tell us that we’ll see Ronin, rather than Hawkeye in the movie:

Another interesting point from the packaging of these “Titan Hero Series” toys is that they’re branded “Titan Heroes.” Does that mean we’ll see another battle on Thanos’s home planet? Speaking of the mad titan, he’s getting a figurine from the same set, one that teases a new armor suit and a new weapon. It also reveals that he’s still going to wear that infamous Infinity Gauntlet of his.

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