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Friday, 18 January 2019

Happy Valentine's Day 2019: Top 5 Foods And Drinks You Must Avoid Eating On The Day

Happy Valentine's Day 2019: Top 5 Foods And Drinks You Must Avoid Eating On The Day

Valentine's Day 2019 has finally arrived and as you prepare to be showered with love and do the same for your 'someone special', taking care of your body is also important. We're sure you wouldn't want tummy troubles or bloating or bad breath, come in the way of your moments of romance. The only way to avoid each of these is to be careful of what you include in your diet today and tomorrow. There are certain foods, snacks and dishes that you must categorically avoid, in order to enjoy your Valentine's Day with your beloved to the fullest.

Here are some foods to avoid on Valentine's Day 2019:

1. Garlic

Garlic is the worst food you can have on a day, when your mouth needs to smell fresh. 'Garlic breath' is probably the last thing you want to be gifting your Valentine, so avoid eating the otherwise beneficial vegetable on the day. Similarly, other odorous vegetables like onions, must also be avoided. If you must eat them, then make sure you have brushed your teeth thoroughly and keep a mouth freshener handy.

2. Coffee

Skip your mandatory cup of coffee on Valentine's Day and go for a cup of green tea instead. Coffee has a strong smell that tends to sit in the mouth for a long time. Overloading on coffee before you big date, can potentially make your partner uncomfortable, to say the least.

3. Salty foods

Foods with excessive salt in them, like potato chips and crisps, as well as all fried snacks may cause bloating. Avoid all kinds of fried and salty foods, and opt for healthier snacking options like nuts and dark chocolate.

4. Cheesy foods

That pizza is not going to help you get along with your partner on Valentine's Day. The two main culprits here are the salt and the fatty cheese. While salt causes water retention making you feel heavy, cheese is hard to digest and hence, can cause bloating.

5. Sodas

Fizzy drinks and sodas should be avoided generally too, because they contain excessive amounts of sugar. Opt for a non-fizzy packaged drink or better still, natural fruit juices instead.

Don't just look sharp, feel great too on your important day.

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