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Thursday, 28 February 2019

How to make chocolate at home (Eggless) (Homemade Chocolates)

How to make chocolate at home (Eggless) (Homemade Chocolates)

Learn how to make chocolates at home (Homemade Chocolates) with this simple and easy method. I was always fascinated by the chocolates available in the market, so i am now trying how to make home made chocolates at home.

You must have though that making chocolates at home is a very tedious process, but no. It’s a very simple recipe with only 4 ingredients, which mainly consists of cocoa powder and milk. I have also used icing sugar and butter to make this recipe. You can also use margarine in these homemade chocolates. But i have not used it, as it is not that healthy.

If you like than you can also add badam, pistachios etc to these homemade chocolates. That’s add to the flavor. I have used syrup method to make this chocolates. I started by adding all the ingredients into a bowl and then melted it to make a thick syrup. I then poured them to the silicon moulds. You can add different flavors like chocolate essence, vanilla essence, cinnamon or espress

The main benefits of these chocolates is that you can rest assured about the quality, as you know the ingredients you used. You can use them as a gift during Diwali or Raksha Bandhan to your near and dear ones. It will be a nice way to gift.

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