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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Princess Diana Reportedly Once Dressed In Drag To Party With Freddie Mercury

Princess Diana Reportedly Once Dressed In Drag To Party With Freddie Mercury

Sometimes life gives us beautiful nuggets from the past that make everything seem okay in the world. This story is one of those that will make your heart feel good, and may also cause you to blast some Killer Queen or Fat Bottomed Girls once you're done reading.

Since her untimely death, Princess Diana has remained a fixture in pop culture.

Whether it's because of her groundbreaking LGBT community involvement, her philanthropic work, or the way she humbly raised her two boys we know and love today, people will never forget their Princess Diana.

Another reason people loved Diana was because she was SO FLIPPIN' COOL!

A testament to this came from friend and actress Cleo Rocos in her memoir The Power of Positive Drinking, in which she recalls her gossip filled lunches with fellow actor and comedian Kenny Everett (both pictured above) with the Princess.

"Every time we met we’d meet for lunch with Kenny [Everett] and swap jolly gossip" she told UK Talk Radio.

“All the palace gossip. All the showbiz gossip." Rocos continued, "she always wanted to know who was gay and who was sleeping with who, all the stuff that now the magazines tell you."

In her memoir, she recalls one drunken afternoon with herself, Everett, Freddie Mecury and Princess Diana.

"Rocos details how the group spent the afternoon at Everett’s home “drinking champagne in front of reruns of The Golden Girls... After asking what their plans were for the rest of the evening and finding out they were going to a gay bar in South London called the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Princess Diana asked to join them."

Everett and Rocos were hesitant, but it was Freddie who insisted Diana come along!

She recalls Freddie saying "Go on, let the girl have some fun.”

Rocos, Everett and Mercury disguised the beautiful Princess in an army jacket, cap and sunglasses.

Once Princess Diana was smuggled into the bar, she was able to dance and order drinks for the entire evening without anyone recognizing her! "When we walked in . . . we felt she was obviously Princess Diana and would be discovered at any minute,” Rocos recalled.
But she never did get discovered!

After all, she had Freddie friggin Mercury looking out for her, and if anyone was going to show Princess Diana a good time, it was Freddie!

What I would give to have been there that night!

Rocos concluded, "Diana was the funniest. She was always alight and she loved to laugh, she laughed and laughed and she was extremely witty and extremely funny."

What an iconic moment in pop culture history. Just thinking about it makes my day a little better!

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