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Sunday, 17 February 2019

PUBG Mobile server maintenance on February 18; update 0.11.0 with Zombies coming soon

PUBG Mobile server maintenance on February 18; update 0.11.0 with Zombies coming soon

PUBG Mobile is soon rolling out a new update with a number of new features including the much-anticipated Zombies. According to the information posted in the warning pop-up in the app, PUBG Corp will take the servers for the game offline for eight hours for server maintenance on February 18, 2019, starting from 5:30 am to 1:30 pm according to Indian time. Right after the server maintenance, the company will roll out new versions of the game on Google Play Store and Apple App Store “starting February 19”. Server maintenance is part of the process for the company before it rolls out important updates to the game.

According to the same pop-up the company is rolling out the much anticipated “Survive Till Dawn” time-limited event mode. The mode also brings along Zombies and other bosses from the Resident Evil 2 franchise. In addition to that, the new update also added weather effects including moonlight to the Vikendi map. PUBG Corp has also added player Spaces, a separate screen where all the player information and connections are shown. Other changes include Resident Evil 2 main theme along with the music in the app, ability to push-to-talk in matches.

The company has also added Sanhok in the Arcade mode for a quick match. In addition to this, the company has also added some features to the PC version of the game including damage stacking outside of the safe zone. This means that the amount of damage players take depends on how far away they are from the safe zone. This update will also bring air raid adjustment to the PC version and as reported previously, the size of air raid area will reduce as the size of safe zone decreases.

As part of the information, the company also informed that it will give an “Outfit Box III (7d)” along with “1,888 BP” to players who update to the new version of the game before February 25, 2019. This is likely to encourage players to make use of the new features added in the game.

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