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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Adithya Varma teaser: Dhruv Vikram looks convincing as Arjun Reddy

Adithya Varma teaser: Dhruv Vikram looks convincing as Arjun Reddy

The teaser of Adithya Varma is finally out. The film is the Tamil remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. Directed by Gireesaya, a former assistant to Arjun Reddy-director Sandeep Vanga, Adithya Varma has October-fame Banita Sandhu making her Tamil debut as the female lead.

Dhruv Vikram's Adithya Varma teaser

The teaser of the film, that is more than a minute, shows Dhruv Vikram playing the role of a medical student who turns to the path of self-destruction.

Earlier, director Bala's completed version of the remake, titled Varmaa, which was initially scheduled for release in March, was scrapped at the last moment, after the film's production house, E4 Entertainment, announced that they were not happy with the finished product, and would therefore not be releasing it. They went on to shoot a new version from scratch with an almost completely new crew, retaining only the lead, Dhruv, and Arjun Reddy-music director, Radhan. The new team also includes actor Priya Anand and cinematographer Ravi K Chandran.

Adithya Varma is slated for release this month.

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