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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

‘Sadak 2’ Trailer Disliked Over 5 Million Times On YouTube. Is Sadak 2 Trailer That Bad ?

‘Sadak 2’ Trailer Disliked Over 5 Million Times On YouTube. Is Sadak 2 Trailer That Bad ?

‘Sadak 2’ Trailer Disliked Over 5 M

It has to be awful timing for Mahesh Bhatt to launch the trailer of Sadak two in a time once the audiences are hating on the market for encouraging nepotism.

Though the Sadak 2 trailer, published on 11 August, may not seem that promising at first glance however, the despise it's becoming is unmissable. From enormous online trolling and boundless memes on Twitter, to some shocking two thousand dislikes the trailer is becoming YouTube, everything appears to spell out doom for its yet-to-be-released movie.

If you're wondering what occurred here, then let's provide you a run-through.  Sadak 2 is the sequel to the huge hit, Sadak, that starred Sanjay Dutt along with Pooja Bhatt.  The movie was among those highest-grossing Hindi films of 1991 using a favorite musical score.  The movie also sees the comeback of the lead bunch, Sanjay and Pooja.  

A program started from the late Sushant Singh Rajput's relative --Nepometer--rated the movie 98 percent nepotistic.  The Twitter handle of this webpage had tweeted,"#Sadak2 is currently 98 percent Nepotistic.  We rated it based on 5 classes, Producer, Lead actors, Supporting Artists, Director & Writer.  4 out of 5 classes possess Bollywood Family members.  When #nepometer is large it"s time to #boycottbollywood. .Will you see this movie?  

Is it all related to Sushant’s demise? 

It seems like the audience has taken it upon themselves to trash the film and kind of exact their revenge from a fraternity they blame for Sushant’s untimely death.

Despite its #1 Trending status on the video streaming app YouTube, Sadak 2 has garnered only 2,81,000 (281K) likes as compared to the massive dislikes which are beyond 5 lakhs (5 million). 

Only time will tell how the film fairs using its OTT releasing on Disney+Hotsar on the 28th of August. The movie isn't without its problems , lately it was noted that the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) is trying to action against the movie claiming it is anti-Hindu and it'll hurt Hindu sentiments. Are you going to see the movie? Tell us your ideas.

All statistics and numbers are in the time of publishing.

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