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Saturday, 5 September 2020

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 : Bigg Boss Season 4 Final Contestants List

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : Bigg Boss  Final Contestants List 

Bigg Boss Season 4 promo dropped. Does the show have a corona effect? Or not? Amidst the doubts that the star has finally left our promo. When? Where? Although the host did not say who he was, Bigg Boss Season 4 left the promo saying that it was sure to come late. With this, it looks like Bigg Boss Season 3 will start in another two weeks. In the next two weeks, the government will take steps to organize the Bigg Boss show in an armed manner, taking into account government regulations, corona spread, etc. in the context of the corona. At this moment, the contestants who will be participating in Bigg Boss Season 4 will be in Bigg Boss House two weeks in advance. It seems that the show is going to continue with them after that. Managers expect to be kept under medical supervision for these two weeks and then continue with them if there are no health issues in the corona background. If you go into the details of Bigg Boss Season 4 so far ..

The first Bigg Boss 2017 in Telugu will start on July 16, 2017. Season 2 started on June 10, a month earlier. Season 3 went on again on July 21. Season 4, however, was further delayed by Corona's attempt to start in June. At this moment, the interest in the contestants for Bigg Boss Season 4 has started in the television circles.

The list of 16 celebrities is currently circulating on social media. The names of three hot bhamas are prominent in this. Boss Fame Mumbai Bhama Poonam Bhajwa, Item Bhama Hansa Nandini and Shraddhadas' names are prominent. Shraddhadas Bigg Boss, however, denied the news. Here is the list of 16 contestants who will be participating in Bigg Boss Season 4 along with them ..

1. Poonam Bhajwa
2. Shraddadas
3. Hansa Nandini
4. Singer Sunita
5. Mangli (Singer)
6. Hero Nandu (Geeta Madhuri's husband)
7.Viva Harsha 8. Akhil Sardak
9. Yamini Bhaskar
10. Mahatalli (YouTube sensation)
11. Apoorva
12. Potti Naresh ( Zabardast Comedian)
13. Mehbooba Dil Se (YouTube Star)
14. Priya Vadlamani
15. Singer Noel
16. Zabardast Comedian Auto Ramprasad

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