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Friday, 8 January 2021

Why KGF Movie Is So Popular And Reason for KGF chapter 2 Teaser Hitting 1 Billion View

Why KGF Movie Is So Popular

KGF brings together the elements that people like to watch the most in movies today namely, mafia, gangsters, politics, money, and power. The story is very simple, it is about the rise of one man to the pinnacles of power and influence using all means available to him.

Yash, tell us about your beginnings?

Reason for KGF chapter 2 Teaser Hitting 1 Billion View

Yash, did you expect KGF to become such a nationwide hit? I can’t say I am surprised. Not really. When we were planning the project, we knew it had a universal appeal and that it would connect with people everywhere. The entire team worked really hard and I am so glad that it has worked. But I am not allowing myself to get excited. I’d rather plan ahead than celebrate. I want to go beyond people’s expectations. To know that that they are clapping and cheering in Mumbai and Patna makes me believe there is magic in this world.

KGF,the first kannada movie to get into 100 crore club,first kannada movie to be made in five languages and released in same day. ... The northern people neven known Yash but they made it a bigger blockbuster because of good things in film.

It is popular because it was rated as the best movie in the world and has a rating of 10/10 ,rated higher than even Shawshank redemption and God father. It collected 19000 crs beating the records of Avatar and Avengers endgame

Few Points About KGF Movie Is so Popular

Hero elevation




Story ( True Content ) Here the content is the king. Wtih mixture  all those things this movie has become more popular. 

Mainly we are waiting for KGF chapter 2, KGF chapter 2 Teaser has be release and hitting to 1 billion views in youtube.

Why Reason for KGF chapter 2 Teaser Hits 1 Billion View

Introduction  is yash is altimate. the elevation is  given to him never before got to before to any hero hence it has crazy to fan also normal people.BGM is done main key role on KGF 2 teaser while introduting yash. Which part the teaser you like please comment it below.

If you still not yet watched you can watch it here. and also you download for whatsapp status 

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