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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Highest Paying Jobs In India In Commerce Field

In India, we are pursuing a solid type of instruction framework where the streams are isolated into Science, Commerce, and Humanities. After the interest, understudies select any of these fields dependent on professional stability in the wake of completing the course. Thus, today in this article we will discuss the highest paying jobs in commerce field in India. It is accepted that understudies opting for this field closes with the highest paying jobs in commerce field in India.

Highest Paying Jobs In India In Commerce Field

Commerce stream open loads of expert work choices in the fields of accounting, finance, hazard management,investment banking among others, which are viewed as a portion of the high salary jobs in commerce field. These jobs in commerce field with high salary benefits commerce understudies, yet additionally permit different fields understudies to investigate the chance and lead an agreeable and sumptuous life for themselves. There are a few highest paying jobs in the commerce field in India where one is intellectually and financially fulfilled. Peruse on to find out the main 10 jobs in the commerce field that pay attractive sum to the correct competitor:

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Commerce Field in India


Jobs in Commerce Field

Expected Salary*


Chartered Accountant

Rs. 6 to 7 lakhs per year


Investment Banker

Rs. 26 lakhs per year


Chartered Financial Analyst

Rs. 6-12 lakhs per year


Certified Public Accountant

Rs.7-9 lakhs per year



Rs 10-14 lakhs per year


Cost Accountant

Rs. 4-6 lakhs per year


Professional Accountant

Rs. 6-7 lakhs per year


Retail Manager

Rs. 5 lakhs per year


Company Secretary

Rs. 6-7 lakhs per year


Personal Financial Advisor

Rs. 5 lakhs per year

Read the detailed information about jobs in highest paying commerce job field with a high salary below:

1. Chartered Accountant

If you are a business understudy you should be acquainted with the course of Chartered Accountancy. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI is the authority body that delegates an individual as an enlisted CA in the wake of finishing a progression of tests and temporary positions. This one of the most lucrative positions in the trade field in India is quite possibly the most famous business occupations. As a first compensation, one can hope to get Rs. 6 to Rs. 7 lakhs each year. This worth increments when the CA acquires information and experience. Nonetheless, CA tests are supposed to be troublesome and accordingly, numerous understudies avoid them. While readiness requires a great deal of difficult work, this business action pays off eventually and the less endeavors, the better it pays.

2. Investment Banker

This is one of the most lucrative positions in trade field in India. Being a venture investor offers the most significant compensation in trade field. The job of the speculation investor is to give counsel and proposals to different organizations and firms with the goal that they can utilize their cash successfully and accomplish their monetary objectives.

3. Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst is perhaps the greatest post in the field of speculation the board. CFA is among the most lucrative positions in business field in India. Trade understudies who decide on this get a normal compensation of Rs. 12 lakhs each year. It is a notable occupation profile that worries business benefits around the world and CFA is a fundamental piece of numerous fields like resource the board, value, and income investigation, credit examination, et cetera. They gather information from numerous sources and investigate it to assess the benefits and weaknesses of various venture vehicles.

4. Certified Public Accountanta

The CPA is a remarkable same as the Chartered Accountancy calling, yet this one is offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In this manner, the CPA has a worldwide allure. Up-and-comers wishing to get a CPA degree should have a four year certification in Business Administration/Finance/Accounting and should finish 150 hours of study. The CPA oversees charge, reviewing, revealing, and bookkeeping measures for people and associations. It is one of the positions in business field with significant compensation that prompts business telecasters that can give you monetary security. One should have a Business or Accounting degree to show up for the CPA test.

5. Actuary

Actuary is another respectable career option for aspirants who are looking for jobs in the commerce field with high salary. Actuaries are people who assess risks involved in the insurance industry. Risks include loss of property, disability, or other potential risks to the company. They are risk management professionals who use their mathematical skills to measure the likelihood of future events and predict their financial impact on their customers and businesses in general. As an actuary, your work will not be limited to financial institutions. As all areas of business are at risk, Actuaries may find employment opportunities in non-financial domains such as real estate, health care, and other similar fields.

6. Cost Accountant 

Cost Accountant is one of the top positions in business field. The two primary goals of bookkeeping are benefit investigation and spending planning. Cost enlistment centers are monetary specialists who assist with planning, cost the board, and friends resources and assess organization execution. They are regularly utilized by assembling firms. Basically, Cost Accountants are liable for gathering, confirming, investigating, and imparting information to work with monetary perceivability and improve measures. They are essential for the chief group and help foster the organization's monetary arrangement and report to partners and assessment specialists.

7. Professional Accountant

In addition to Chartered Accountants, students may take up the profession of Professional Accountants as it is one of the highest paying jobs in India. Professional Accountants assist with accounting, tax, and compliance reporting. They must have a working knowledge of accounting software such as SAP, Tally, and Excel. Accounting professionals must create and maintain accurate financial records for businesses and individuals. Professional Accountants can get a job at an accounting firm or they can set up their own independent process. The job of a Professional Accountant is one of the top 10 jobs in commerce field.

8. Retail Manager 

Retail directors aid the administration of stores according to business standards. Essentially, the work of a Retail Manager is to run the business/store effectively. They may require a degree in Retail Management. Retail Managers screen and deal with all parts of the everyday tasks of stores, including deals, staff, stock, and asset the board. They should be comfortable with item and advertising reasoning. They should utilize smart showcasing methodologies to convince clients to purchase items from the store.

9. Company Secretary

The main job of a company secretary is to ensure that the company they are working with, runs in proper coordination and while adhering to all the rules and legal requirements. The Company Secretary (CS) is one of the key positions in the company or organisation. They serve as president between stakeholders and the board. The Company Secretary is responsible for making formal submissions such as tax reports, account details, and annual receipt reports. CS is one of the most popular commercial activities in India.

10. Personal Financial Advisor 

A personal financial advisor is a person who assists clients with their financial goals, retirement savings, pensions, insurance, and debt management.

If you know any jobs thats pays you higher please feel free to comment below.

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