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Sunday, 23 January 2022

Best Kannada Movies That You Watch Right Now | Part 2

Best Kannada Movies Part 2 

Best Kannada Movies: Each year, Kannada cinema brings a whole lot of good cinema that is hard to pass up. While 2020 is mostly forgettable for one simple reason, 2021 has begun on a promising note with a guarantee of even more pleasant surprises in the coming months. Let's take a look at the films that have reinvented the audiences to cinema halls and enthralled them like the olden times.

1. Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana

For those who rave about City of God or Angamaly Diaries, here's our very own answer to that. Shiva and Hari leave a lasting impression in a film that give you many chances to hoot, whistle and even get up and dance along with the actors.

2. Puksatte Lifu

Such a wonderful movie, a big round of applause to all the characters of this movie, so well directed, so well acted, every actor in this movie has done justice to the character they were given, "unforgettable characters." Every scene is so brilliantly directed and acted. One

3.  Roberrt

Raghava, the head cook in a catering unit, leads a peaceful life with his son Arjun. However, their bliss is short-lived as Raghava's past comes back to haunt him.

Raghava lives in Lucknow with his son Arjun and is the head cook in a Brahmin's catering unit. He leads a peaceful existence, wanting the best for his son. All seems to go well, until some skeletons come tumbling out of his closet and he is forced to take on his original avatar.

4. Love You Rachchu

A couple are leading the perfect marital life. When the wife is subjected to a tough situation that leads her to kill the driver, how do they get out of the mess?

Some of the scenes in the film are predictable and these could have been made more thrilling to ensure a better narrative. Eventually, Love You Rachchu is a good film for one to watch with the family over the weekend.

5. Kotigobba 3

Kotigobba 3 does not disappoint fans of the masala film genre, with a more classy than ‘massy’ approach.

Sathya, a philanthropist who now runs an orphanage, has to go to Poland for the treatment of young Janu. While there, an international criminal named Ghost carries out heists. Who is Ghost? And what has Sathya got to do with it all?

6. Badava Rascal

Dhananjaya, who is on a roll this year, continues his golden run with Badava Rascal. He excels in his role as Shankar, which is a very relatable character in urban middle classs families.

Badava Rascal is the journey of Shankar who lives life on his own terms. When he gets kidnapped along with his friend over trivial issues by goons, how does he get out of the trouble and what is the motto of abduction unravels the theme of the story.

Stay tuned for Part - 3

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