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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Pushpa 2 The Rule: Story Leaked | Here is the full story of Pushpa 2 The Rule

Pushpa 2 The Rule: Story Leaked | Here is the full story of Pushpa 2 The Rule

Pushpa Featuring Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandhana, Fahadh Faasil Directed By Sukumar has blown away everyone & emerged as the Biggest Blockbuster. Now Pushpa 2 The Rule Movie Story Prediction & Fan Theories are on their way. In this blog, I will share what to expect from Pushpa 2 The Rule Teaser, Trailer Updates & Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Release. From Allu Arjun look to Climax Ending Scene of Pushpa The Rise.

Pushpa 2 The Rule: Story Leaked | Here is the full story of Pushpa 2 The Rule

Part 1 was titled Pushpa the Rise. Anyone who has seen the film must have understood that it has seen Pushpa’s journey from “Mamuli sa naukar to pure Sheher ka Malik”. But now what, the 2nd part of “Pushpa The Rise” has already been announced and it is named as “Pushpa The Rule”.

Is “Pushpa” Hero or Villain?
What do you think a “Pushpa” must be? It sounds simple but this puzzle is somewhat tricky and Crooked. This is going to be the subject of the 2nd part of the movie that is “Pushpa The Rule”. It means that as of now Allu Arjun has only reached the throne of the king, he is yet to sit on it and the whole world is yet to rule.

Possibilities of “Pushpa The Rule” Storyline
Here comes lots of Fan Theories. So many men, so many minds; someone says Pushpa will win, someone says Pushpa will die and turns the second part of the film into tragedy.

The Dark Secret
Here comes a very interesting point that can totally change Pushpa’s Story. There’s a possibility that Pushpa is not a Gangster, he might be a “Baap of Gangster”. yeah, you get me right. Pushpa can be a “Policewala” which is an on-duty undercover police officer whose aim is to demolish a sandalwood smuggling gang from its very root. And it will be easier, but obvious by playing one of them.

This is also possible because he met with other smugglers with coincidence. there was no past connection between them. Pushpa first separated Shrinu and Konda Reddy from each other and then he killed important members of both the Gangs. Steadily the count of smugglers will be zero. And who would know better than a policeman how to transport smuggled goods from one city to another by escaping the police.

The Best Friend Twist
Do you Remember Pushpa’s best friend who changed his master after seeing the Pushpa? Yup, I’m talking about Pushpa’s right-hand Keshav who is well played by Actor Jagdish Pratap Bhandari. There is a lot of chance that the best friend can become the worst enemy in the 2nd part.

Well, there is a backstory hidden behind the innocent appearance of this person, due to which the finger of his hand was cut off. But obvious, the finger can’ be cut off as a joke, there must be any solid reason behind it. He might be a secret agent or a silent assassin whose target was to assassin Pushpa whenever and wherever he gets a chance.

Death of Srivalli
Only two people are most important in Pushpa’s life, one is his mother and the other is love of his life Srivalli. If you remember, Once Pushpa had risked his life by messing with the Reddy brothers for Srivalli. But that was just a glimpse, If Pushpa has to emerge as a fire, then Srivalli must die. When this will happen, Pushpa will stand against his associates. Especially when Jolly Reddy will come back, Srivalli’s death will be the biggest revenge on Pushpa. Or they can anguish his mother too to get back on him.

The Japan Interrelation
At the starting of the film, there plays an animation that shows the reverse back story of Pushpa with the dialogue “Ye Kahani ki shuruwat Nahi, climax hai” (This is not the starting of the movies, it is a climax). The other clue was the expensive guitar

That expansive guitar is sold in Japan and is made of red sandalwood. Yup, that sandalwood whose smuggling Pushpa used to do. It clearly gives us a clue of its Japan connection and it makes the possibility of the story getting an International connection.

Vanquishing of Pushpa
Now that Srivalli is no more, Pushpa will suffer an emotional outburst and from now he will give up his greed for power and money. The only goal of Pushpa’s life will now be the destruction of his associates. Where Pushpa will get a very long list of its enemies. Shrinu and his psycho wife will try to avenge their brother’s decease, Reddy brothers, and last but not least the politician sir who is the mastermind of the whole game. That politician might become the worst enemy of Pushpa’s life.

Shekhawat: The IPS
IPS Shekhawat was one of the strongest personalities shown in the film. This man had dominated the entire 2-hour film in just fifteen minutes. But the insult done by Pushpa in the climax made him a complete joke. Although Shekhawat was seen as a corrupt officer in the movie. but, he is not so keen on money. More than money, he wants to reduce the number of criminals in society. So, there is a huge possibility of him getting back at Pushpa with a devious plan.

The Past
Pushpa is not on good terms with his relatives. Which we have already seen in “Pushpa the Rise”. IPS Shekhawat can take advantage of the fact that to plot a conspiracy against Pushpa, he can join hands with Pushpa’s relative, who can use any dark secret or past of Pushpa to defeat Pushpa.

The Revenge
Final but not least, Pushpa’s life might head over to revenge after Srivalli and his mother’s death. he will completely obligate himself to the revenge. Consequently, he will have to face many difficulties and enemies.

The 2nd part of the movie will bring two options in front of Pushpa-

To surrender in front of the police and his enemies and leave the world of crime at least his life will be saved behind the bars.
The second option is the threatening face-off that comes with a do or die situation.
Whatever be the option he may choose, the difficult part is that He will be alone to face off his enemies who might have joined their hands against Pushpa.

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