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Monday 3 January 2022

Watch Arjun Gowda Kannada 1080P TRUE WEB-DL

Watch Arjun Gowda Kannada 1080P TRUE WEB-DL

About the movie
Arjun Gowda, son of a reputed tv channel owner, always thinks about the future. When his mother clashes with the dangerous devil Robert who runs the underworld that affects the youths and Arjun's girlfriend goes missing, he decides to face the bad evils of society.

There was a lot of intrigue when the makers of Arjun Gowda had spoken about how the film story was inspired by the killings of Gauri Lankesh and MM Kalburgi. The film, too, begins on a note where it speaks about how independent India has time and again faced such situations, be it through the assassinations of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi or the recent killings of these writers.

Unfortunately, the film is far from being that sharp commentary or critique of our nation's issues and the movie fizzles out to being just another run of the mill commercial film. The narrative could have been tight and the story could have done away with random commercial elements, like an unnecessary comedy track or a drunken song that adds no great effect to the narrative. Instead, the actual twists or climax scenes end up being very underwhelming.
The film gives Prajwal Devaraj ample scope to showcase his acting abilities, be it dance, emotion or fights and he excels. But the story does not do justice to that. Priyanka Thimmesh has a rather usual role and she does an okay job but doesn't leave anything that will remain in one's mind. Sparsha Rekha has a meaty role and delivers well. Aravind Rau too does a good job.

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