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Write ‘Guest Post’ for US

Write ‘Guest Post’ for US

Are you an ardent writer or someone who loves to share his words with the world?

If yes, then JustEnt welcomes you as a guest writer.
We would love to host your opinions because blogging is more or less sharing and hearing thoughts from different people.
We are searching for SEO professionals, bloggers, marketers, social media gurus, sales experts, and branding coaches who can contribute here as a guest writer. We need articles similar to the one featured here on various topics such as : Computer, Desktop, Gadgets, Games, Internet, Mobile, SEO, Social Media.
For a rough idea, you may have a look on our blog.

Why JustEnt ?

JustEnt is a home of quality content and brilliant writers. In a short span, it has gained a decent popularity as well as subscribers.
With every passing day, the rank of this website is rapidly improving. At this pace, it will be a leading blog in near future. By contributing articles as a guest writer, you get two do follow Back-links.

Rules for your Guest Post:

Here is the list of rules that you and your article must follow in order to contribute as a guest writer. Your article may get rejected if it doesn’t follow the following regulations.
  1. Currently, we only host Articles in the English language. So, we have a need of that only.
  2. Article must be at least 1000+ words
  3. Structure your articles/posts into paragraphs with headings and subtitles
  4. It is mandatory to add your real photo in Gravatar.
  5. You should not put your or someone else link inside the article for promotion.
  6. Your article must be SEO friendly. It must have proper headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, and subtitles.
  7. Your article must not include any kind of affiliate links.
  8. Your article must be plagiarism-free, Grammatical error free, and coherent. It must be attractive as well.
  9. It should be reader friendly more than SEO friendly.
  10. You can post as much as articles as you want.
  11. Last but not the least, you must be hyperactive in replying the comments, your article receives from our readers.

Here are a few of the Categories that I accept articles from:

  1. Blogging tips, blogging tools, and blog marketing.
  2. Blogger themes, tips and tricks
  3. WordPress plugins and themes (and how-to’s on using these)
  4. Making money online tips and ideas.
  5. Social media marketing, online marketing, and inbound marketing.
  6. How-to articles & about Computer Hardware, Desktop, Gadgets, Mobile phones.
  7. SEO tools, software, Gaming and case studies.

How does it work?

You can proceed if you understand and meet our guidelines. It begins with the approval of the idea of your article by us. At first, you have to submit the title or ideas to us. You should start writing only after receiving confirmation to your idea. Afterward, you can submit the post by emailing us. We will let you know if your article needs any kind of modification. Feel free to contact me regarding any issue related to guest posting.

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